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iDream TV


Family programming that includes Hollywood movies and series, both new and old.  Sports, music, weekend cartoons and news; 24-hours a day!

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Winnie's World TV

Toddlers, Tween, Teens and Family Entertainment, full of Adventure, Action Excitement and Learning New things; positive reinforcement and resolving realtime issues, along with the newest brands of FUN TV!     

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iRollerBlade TV

Anything and everything that has to do with "iROLL" TV; Rollerblade Tricks and Contests, Clips and Special Interviews and Documentaries, Roller Derbys, and so much more.  24-hours a day!

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iSports Zone TV

A variety of Epic Sports Entertainment, from the heart of Atlantic City with famous promoter's Big Event Fights, Wrestling "gone wild," "iRollerBlading," we have it all, from NITRO-RACE CARS to Baseball and Big Main Stage Fighting Events…free pay-per-view fights!  A super Sports Extravaganza TV! 

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Epic Big-Budget Star-studded Hollywood Movie Channel, including some rare and wonderful independent films. 24 HOURS A DAY!

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iHolyfield TV

This is your Staple Urban Family programming; movies and series, along with music entertinment and sports!

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